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Automatic Automatizations
€0.17 / day for 1 automatic automatization

The actual price may differ and depends on the usage of automatizations

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If the scales are too small for your business, no worries, we will cover you! Contact us to discuss your needs.

Frequently asked questions

What does Automatization mean? Is it AI?
Norby Chatbot is based on Norby API's underlying technology, which is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Therefore, any automatization is just a scenario that Norby Bot can handle without help from the Support or Sales teams. In a nutshell, every Automization consists of a question and an answer.
An Automatization example:
Question: "When your restaurant is open?"
Answer: "We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am - 22:00 pm."
Thanks to our AI, Norby Chatbot can answer different variations of the question above, like "Open hours?" or "Are you open on Sunday?".
What’s User Attribution?
Basically, using automatic ones, you will get advanced AI and spare time for more important tasks. With manual automatizations, you should add pairs Question → Answer + Widget in different languages, which can be arduous. With automatic ones, this process is automated via the advanced AI engine.
Do you charge clients daily?
Our customers receive an invoice once per calendar month after they start using Norby. As long as our price model is based on a daily basis, it’s possible to use the product only several days per month. For instance, you have implemented Norby AI Chatbot on your website and used it for 10 days. At the beginning of the next month, you will receive an invoice for only these 10 days in total.
Do I have to pay for each team member?
No, the final pricing depends only on your number of Automatizations.
What Languages do you support?
At the moment Norby AI Chatbot supports Estonian, Russian and English. We can add additional languages on demand.
At the moment Norby AI Chatbot supports Estonian, Russian and English. We can add additional languages on demand.
First, look in the bottom right corner—there is a widget with Norby AI Chatbot inside. You can interact with the bot directly to check it out. Secondly, you can book a demo. Our team gladly guide you through and answer your questions.
How can I pay?
We use Stripe as a payment gateway, you can use any methods provided such as: cards, digital wallets, bank debits and more.
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