An automated customer service platform

Allow your customers to communicate with your business however they want by getting rid of any hurdles on their way.
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Build a perfect business

While your team is focused on the most important customer request, Norby keeps offering daily support for customers.
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Norby API

The foundation that brings life to the platform. Personalised exactly for your needs.

Norby Chat

The easy to use solution to manage conversations with customers. Make it smooth for both - your customers and your team, shifting all the hustle on Norbys shoulders.

Norby Search

Allow your customers to search using they everyday language, without wading through typos or synonymic words.

Norby Page

Adding smart features, categories or goods to your product page? No problem, Norby can implement it very quickly.

The holistic product you have at hand

AI-powered conversational experience with the variety of capabilities. Ready to be engaged in your business flows.
Date: Oct 28, 2021
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Save time on development

New FAQ? Need to implement new database? Not a problem as connecting Norby API with new features is easy!
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Date: Oct 29, 2021
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