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Hello! My name is Norby. I’m here to give you a hand with anything you need!
Hoq to use it on my websute?
The easiest way is to register
Hey! Need any help?
do you also have an control panel?
Yes, our Administrative Dashboard will be at your disposal to make everything go smoothly.
Hi! How can I help you?
Kui palju maksab?
Hinnad algavad 30€
Hi! How can I help you?
Is messaging possible even if the client does not have the chat widget open?
For sure!
You can send clients event-based messages even when the widget is closed.
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Enhance customer service

  • · No sick leaves or vacations. It's online 24/7.
  • · Fast response to a variety of questions
  • · Collect user information
  • · Segment customers
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Boost sales by

  • · Making offers right in the chat room
  • · Recovering abandoned shopping carts
  • · Making use of custom user notification
  • · Booking demos & calls
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Date: Oct 28, 2021
Can u help me please?

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How to integrate Norby Chat?
It’s super easy! Once you have contacted us or asked for a trial run, you will receive an email with the Norby Chatbot Widget code. Then follow the instruction inside.
Do you have an API?
Yes, we do. For additional information, please check this page.
Why is Norby better than other chatbots?
Norby chatbot can communicate with users in their language, recognise various word forms, typos and speech errors, which in turn promotes more trust. It can also offer clients various promotions, such as discounts, when and if you want it.

Norby’s pricing policy makes the chatbot accessable not just to big corporations, but also, and above all, to small and medium-sized businesses. 😊
Date: Oct 29, 2021
How can i withdraw my money?
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